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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Tragic Breakfast

Breakfast on the bridge is always interesting. This morning though had a tragic aspect to it as those of us on the Walnut Street Bridge were witness to the aftermath of a suicide jump from the Market Street Bridge. We watched as she and would be rescuers were pulled out of the river. While it was dramatic, the sense of sadness is great. I don't know who she was and what was her story, but my heart goes out to the woman and her family. This kind of interesting we can do without.

On the lighter side, we are always inviting people as they go by to stop for coffee. Reactions are greatly varied, with some people stopping and others not. This guy though immediately perked up and stopped at the mention of coffee.

    It turns out to be Andrew Gage, who is starting up a coffee roastery in the business development center. His coffee, which he is calling Velo Coffee, will be sold in Greenlife starting next week. And as you can tell from the name, he is an avid cyclist and hopes to start a coffee delivery service by bike. He has offered to supply some coffee for our breakfast. How wonderful! So people, come out next Friday for a taste of Velo Coffee!


Laura Jane said...

Couldn't agree more, Colleen—we don't need that kind of interesting.

But on the coffee front... Velo Coffee? This is GREAT news! I feel like I met that fellow at the first and only CM I did last year.

As always, love your posts.

Blue Smoke Coffee said...

Hey Colleen - I heard about the lady that jumped later that day. It saddened me instantly. I know how deeply depressed someone has to be to do this and it breaks my heart.

My aunt committed suicide just a few months ago, she jumped off a free-way bridge in Raleigh.

Suicide happens a lot more than folks know -- it is usually hidden by families, if possible, so we don't really realize how often it occurs.

It's also one of the leading causes of deaths for young people.

Colleen Carboni said...


So sorry about your aunt. My heart goes out to your family. Yes, it was definately a sad note for our breakfast even though we did not know who it was. It is just sad to think that someone is suffering that level of despair to do something like that.