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Friday, May 21, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

  The inspiring ladies, Dottie and Tricia of the blog Let's Go Ride A Bike is sponsoring Summer Biking Games with GREAT prizes. This contest has nothing to do with how fast or how far you ride your bike.  They are not encouraging more spandex wear or arduous training schedule.  Its all about getting on the bike and having fun!

  Until June 6 is is about Social Biking.  My favorite event is dressing up and going on a Bike Date.  I might be disqualified because this occured before the official starting date but I will have to enter my Biking To The Ballet,  It was the dressiest yet I have been on the bike.

2010 05 01 004

  I will attempt to compete in the   Ride With Family  event.  I better start asking my kids.  My son did do the ride Tour De Brews (which I WILL blog about soon) with me, but again that was outside the dates and I didn't get pictures.  I should be able to get him to come with me again on something.  But the real coup would be to get a daughter.  My oldest has been spotted on a bike but the youngest daughter on the bike is a rare site indeed.  Think I am up for it?

   OF course I have the Group Ride in the bag, just deciding which one to enter.

This should be fun.  I encourage everyone reading this to join in the action.  Go to Let's Go Ride A Bike pick out your event, get on your bike and GO!

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