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Friday, May 21, 2010

Talking about Coffee...

Blue Smoke

Speaking of coffee, this is one of those posts that I have been slow to getting around to. At the 3 State 3 Moutain Challenge, I had a nice visit with Kevin Price of Blue Smoke Coffee who was giving the coffee away at the Greenlife tent. I was there at 6:00am helping to check riders in and I NEEDED MY COFFEE

So I was a frequent visitor to the tent and ended up having a great conversation with Kevin. I had met him before at Greenlife when he was stocking the shelf with his wares. (That is one of the things I like about Greenlife, you often actually run into the people behind the products. Hope that doesn't change as it morphs into Whole Foods)

     There is something about bikes and coffee-a natural affinity of sorts. Blue Smoke Rostery is Chattanooga local but thinks globally with a sustainable and very generous spirit. He uses fair trade,organic, shade grown coffee that he roasts in a carbon neutral roaster using green renewable energy. And if that isn't enough to have credentials as a responsible, caring business, he gives 5% of sales to environmental and humanitarian causes. And of course, most interesting for this blog's topic, he makes his local and post office deliveries by bike.

    I have been drinking his coffee since I ran into him around Christmas. About that time the the source of my morning coffee, the Deli next door to my studio closed and I have had to start making my own. While nothing can beat having ole man Joe hand deliver my coffee to me every morning, that smell of fresh brewed Blue Smoke Coffee has given my mornings such a wonderful perk that I am glad for the opportunity to get back into my own brewed coffee.

    If you are interested in great coffee, check  out Blue Smoke Coffee.   You can get it in Chattanooga at Greenlife or order it directly.  Kevin will bike to the post office himself to send it on its way to you.


Blue Smoke Coffee said...

Thank you so much Colleen for featuring me on your blog. Another thing I do related to my biking for Blue Smoke: I donate 25 cents for each mile I bike to World Bicycle Relief, a non-profit that buys bikes for folks in impoverished countries to get around -- it makes a life or death difference in some cases. It's a big motivator for me getting myself on the bike when it'd be easier for me to deliver in the car (and it's good for my health too).

Colleen Carboni said...

Thanks, Kevin. I checked out that website. What a great cause. Thank you for being a supporter. You are an inspiration to me!