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Monday, May 10, 2010

Biking to the Ballet

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I am way behind on my biking posts. This is National Biking Month and I have been so busy doing biking events and just riding around I haven't had time to actually blog about them.

I will be trying to catch up and will be doing my stories as I have time. They won't be in particular order as I will do the simple and shorter stories first.

Last Saturday, Q and I went to the ballet to see our BBB (beautiful biking ballerina) friend, Cortney in in last performance in Chattanooga. She will be leaving us, for what we are hoping only for a short time, to go to Oregon to continue her education in getting a degrree in Transportation. To say she bikes is an understatement-she is making it her life and is angling to work from the inside to promote biking. Yay to Cortney!

Of course, to honor Cortney, we wanted to ride to her ballet. We had our doubts because it had been threatening to rain all weekend (this is the weekend of the Nashville disastor. Because the rain front stalled over Nashville, Chattanooga was spared. It is hard to rejoice on how our biking events weren't rained on when Nashville was hit so hard).
But as it wasn't actually raining at decision time we decided to risk it. We took precautions though. You can see that I have my panniers filled with raingear-totally ready for the monsoon that did not come.

As it was sprinking when Q was preparing to leave, he threw on some rain pants, probably thiking that sitting through a ballet in wet pants would not be fun. He whipped them off when we arrived, to the obvious shock to the elderly couple that was walking by at that moment. It did look as though he was preparing to moon them!
   The ballet was wonderful and Cortney danced beautifully.  So yes, you can get dressed nicely to go to a formal event and ride bikes.  And Cortney is just the one to appreciate that fact!

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