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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Car Travels

This past weekend was an extensively heavy car riding time.  I had to go out to Memphis Saturday- out and back and then Sunday was a trip to Nashville.  Total over the weekend I spent over 17 hours in the car-and not one minute on the bike.

   So how did I feel?  By Sunday night I was feeling stiff, slow, and heavy.  Monday morning I weighed myself and I had gained 2 pounds! Is this what car riding does to a person?

   Granted, this was a very unusual weekend and very few people ride cars that much on a regular basis. (My brother is a truck driver and I do think of him though)  But it did have me reflecting on how we transport ourselves shapes our lives and our bodies.  Because I rarely ride in cars, I could feel the effect it was having on me.  And because I ride bikes so much, I don't notice the effect it has on a day to day basis.  It just is. But I know it does

   .  People who know nothing but car driving are probably very unaware of what it is doing to themselves-but doing it does.  Studies have found there is a correlation to the number of hours in a car and weight gain.  From my experiece as a Pilates instructor, I would suggest there is a direct correlation of car riding and the level of basic physical functioning.  But because this is on going and so common, very few think of it when they are trying to figure out why they are so stiff, slow and heavy.  If people are looking to change, extra lifestyle bits are added to what is already a full and hectic schedule.  A proscribed diet or exercise done outside of any connection to any aspect to day to day life are the best things to add.  Of course, just look at ads that are trying to get us beleive that  adding a very high priced bit will change the effects of all all day-to-day lifestyle choices.

    I am grateful that I have the ability to drive where I need to go.  While I did not like the driving part, taking the trips to Memphis and Nashville were valuable to me.  I am glad I was able to do it.
But I am especially grateful to being able to come home after all that car travel and get on a bike. I love how biking shapes my life-and my body.  And it does it without me having to think of it.  I get on the bike because I need to get to work.  The bike takes care of all the rest.  How simple is that?

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