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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miracle Worker of Owen's

Eric of Owen's Cycle
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The night before the 3 State 3 Mountain was the Bike Expo. Q and I went there after our Lookout Mountain Adventure (I will get around to blogging about it) and spent time visiting friends and vendors. I was slated to do some volunteering for the event the next morning so this stop was purely social.

We parked our bikes next to one another and up against the fence. When we were leaving, I had to fight my derailleur out of his pedal. I pushed off and away we went. but It took just rounding the corner to discover that something had gone seriously wrong. Absolutely no rear shifting. Something must have happened in that little bike tangle.

What a nuisance! But, on the other hand, there could not be a better place to have a bike malfunction. So back to the Expo. And I knew exactly who would fix me up.

Owen's Cycles have a booth every year at the 3 State 3 Mountain Expo and they have honed anticipating what cyclist about to do a major ride might need. They are indeed a busy booth! I was hoping, though, not too busy, that Eric of Owen's couldn't take some to help me out.

I have been going to Owen's since getting my first "10 speed" from there way back when I was in high school ( and we are NOT counting the years!) and have over the years bought many bikes from them. Eric has been an owner for a few years now and has continued the quality of service Owen's is known for.

OF course, I also love Owen's because they have been a big supporter of our Bike2Work, going on for many years now.

So, with all that, I knew Eric would help me out. And he so kindly did. He diagnosed a broken cable and quickly replaced it. He also tightened up my brakes and lubed my chain (i know, I know, maintance is not my strong point and I am late for my maintance check up)

So in no time at all, Q and I were back on the road.

Thanks, Eric. You were a lifesaver!

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