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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Watch out!

I am going to tell on Jim Farmer.

I was going to work the other day going down Tremont, when a car, pulling out of a parking lot, pulled out right in front of me. I had to hit my brakes to keep from hitting it. Luckily, I wasn't going too fast.
I caught up with the car in the traffic stop ahead and looked inside. Who should it be? Jim Farmer, his biker self! And he was even coming out of the bike shop parking lot1

I knocked on his window and he rolled it down "Hey, Colleen, how are you doing?"

"Well, I'm fine, considering you pulled out right in front of me."

"Hey, I didn't see you!"

"Yeah, that's the point."

Jim got a look of horror on his face. "You mean I really did pull out in front of you?"

I took that look as an apology. Jim was horrified that he had pulled out in front of a cyclist. But it was a reminder. Even the best intentioned of us can get into our little world and not pay attention. As we go through this high cycling season, watch out for bicycles!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Bike2Work continues Friday, June 6th7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at the Walnut Street Square, south end of the Walnut Street Bridge at the First Street Steps and Holmberg Bridge. Join us for breakfast from Out of the Blue Cafe and Greenlife Grocery, and special prizes courtesy of Owen Cyclery.

Bike2Work is the best deal around! And it is free! Just show up on your bike! Have a great time while you get a little exercise and save some gas money. Why wouldn't you want to come?

Here are some pictures from last month's Bike2Work:

The Martians are coming!
This group has been some of our most faithful and long term supporters

Kenny and kids
Developing good habits

Jimmy enjoying the great
breakfast from Out of the Blue

Ben hanging up his bike. What a lot of bikes!

Our neighborhood bike policeman, Officer Keith. Even the police are are bicycles!

Linda Bennet, city council member. She has been a long time supporter of Bike2Work. We need more like her!