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Friday, May 7, 2010

No More Greenlife!

 Bad news just in! I have talked many times in this blog of Chattanooga's local grocery store, Greenlife. Greenlife is often compared to WholeFoods but, for me, it is much, much better. It was local store with deep roots in this area. Owner Chuck Pruett is a Chattanoogan with long family ties to the grocery business.  Many of the vendors were local and I became personally familiar to many of them, meeting them as they were bringing in their goods to the store or out in the community. Greenlife was for me a Chattanooga symbol of our version of sustainable, healthy, food system. I LOVE Greenlife and shopping there is an important element of my sustainable, biking lifestyle that I have  been creating for myself.

     The bad news? Greenlife has been sold to WHOLEFOODS!?!! NO, NO, NO.... Chuck, how could you? I hate to begrudge you of what I am sure is a wonderful business opportunity. Your  vision and hard work deserves whatever compensation that comes your way. But...but...wasn't there any other way?

  Youwere successful beyond your dreams in making Greenlife part of the essence of Chattanooga. At least what I considered an essence and I know I am not the only one. While I will shop at Wholefoods (it still is the easiest place for me to shop by bike) it won't be like home that I considered Greenlife.

Forgive me for reacting as though a death had occurred. Because for me it has.
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Laura Jane said...

Colleen, very unfortunately, I'm a wee bit happy inside about this change. While no longer locally owned, Greenlife under Whole Foods reign hopefully will provide employees with increased wages, better health insurance and opportunities to transfer.

As a former Greenlife worker, I'm sad a major corporation is moving in; I'm not sad the business is out of the Pruett family.