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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Officer attitude

I haven't written on this blog for a while and I have reggretted it. Much has happened in the biking world in Chattanooga and some of it has been quite tragic. With the death of David Meek in March, and other accidents and even acts of aggression against cyclists, the mood here in Chattanooga is darkening. A storm is a-brewing.

To add to the dark clouds gathering, a columnist from the Pulse, Chattanooga's alternative newspaper, decides to take his swipe against cyclist. The fact this is a police officer that usually tells dark cop tales makes the blow that much more powerful.

He starts with telling of reading of a news article of the latest cyclist struck by car story. That fact that the driver of the car did this delibrately and drove off did nothing to prevent this being a laughable matter in this cop's eyes. He sees the road as a "house" for cars and those that invade that territory is asking for something bad to happen. Can it really be that one of our finest would publish words like that? To read the full article go here :http://