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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain Barrel Workshop

I am constantly challenging myself to expand the range and use of the bicycle as transportation. I sometimes feel like riding a bike around is like a puzzle. The pieces are not automatically there like they are with cars. instead, it can be a matter of independent putting together those pieces in order to make riding a bike feasible. When people tell me of the reasons why they don't ride bikes, what  they are telling me is that a piece of the puzzle that is missing. Until the infrastructure is put into place as it has been done in many places in Europe, there will not be immense numbers of riders in any given place.

    I think I was an early adopter of bike riding because I love to bike and I enjoy puzzles. Every new application requires a figuring out. Its fun, interesting and beneficial, if not always easy.

    An area of biking that Q is working on is how to haul things around. He has ordered a trailer and is eyeing the possibilities of riding to his construction jobs. Unfortunately, his trailer was not here for us to try it out when we went to a rain barrel workshop. This was at the Chattanooga Food Bank on Amnicola and can be reached so easily and beautifully by bike on the River Walk had so of course we had toride our bikes.

    But with no way to get them home on our bikes, Q went later in the car to pick them up. But soon we will be looking to do that sort of thing by bike. I think...or at least Q is...these hills with a loaded trailer? A piece of the puzzle that will keep us busy for a while!
Rain Barrel Workshop

Q, master rain barrel maker

Mollie, wonderful pilates teacher, was also at the workshop

1 comment:

q said...

Master rainbarrel maker forgot he has no gutters on house to collect water which would then proceed into the magnificently produced barrel!!??