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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Comedy Catch Date Night

Yesterday I blogged my entry for the 'Lets Go Ride A Bike" Summer Olympics.  One of the entries was date night.  Since the Lady Jane is also doing this contest, I thought it would be fun doing the date night togetherand with a friend competing in the Comedy Catch Talent Search we had a perfect place to go.
To get to the Comedy Catch, we had to go through the Brainerd Tunnels, which was the first for both the Lady J and her J.  Both Q and I have ridden in the tunnel before but not very often.  Tunnels can be tricky, and the Brainerd Tunnel is long and during working hours can be very busy.  But is has two unidirectinal lanes in each tunnel and for the night, it was clear.  We didn't have any problems, coming or going.
 There were no bike racks or any indications that people ever parked the bikes in the area, so we  found handy poles to lock up to.  By the time we got there, the humidity and the long hill up to the tunnel made us ready for cold drinks.  LJ's frozen margaritas were looking might good.
  We had a great time.  My friend, Barb Neligan, was great.  She started the evening by getting the laughter rolling and we were laughing all night.  I don't go to Comedy Clubs but I think I will have to start.  I don't know when i have laughed so much.
This is me, Barb and my son Matthew, who DID NOT ride.  By refusing to do so, I was not able to pull out a family ride at the last moment for the LGRAB contest.

  To read the Lady Jane's story of the night go here


q said...

This was much fun. Would there be a natural connection between bicycling and comedy?

Colleen Carboni said...

IT does seem people who ride bikes around all the time must have an absurd sense of humor!