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Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Visitor

Chattanooga seems to be attracting more visitors who get out on their bikes lately.  Sometimes, by living here and being aware of all our warts and blemishes, it is hard to appreciate how bike friendly our downtown area appears to out-of-towners.  But bike friendly it must appear because I keep meeting people from other places on their bikes.

  Last weekend, as I was coming down Frazier towards my turn on Tremont, I saw up ahead a trio of cyclists making the same turn.  They grabbed my attention.  Its hard to say why-could it be the balloon attached to the back of one bike?  Maybe, but I sensed they weren't from around these parts.  I don't know why, because I don't claim to know or even be familiar with everyone that rides bikes in these parts.

   I tried to catch up with them but couldn't and I was thinking my curiosity would not be fed.  But then I saw them get off their bikes to push them up Tremont.  That hill must have caught them unawares.  Another sign they weren't from around here.

  When I crested that hill, I saw them on the other side of the intersection inspecting a piece of paper.  Ah ha!  A map!  I was not mistaken on that "Where are we?" air about them.  As I was interested in meeting them, this was an excuse to start the conversation going. So I asked if I could help them find something.

    It turns out they were looking for Riverview Park.  Oh, no, they climbed that hill for nothing! And it was very hot and humid.  Welcome to Tennesee!

    Riverview Park is down the hill on the other side of Hixson Pike.  They were visiting from Virginia to see friends.  The balloon bike?  It was her birthday and her bike had been decorated in celebration.  If she was competing in the Summer Games of LGRAB, this would certainly qualify in decorate the bike event.  My picture does not do justice to the full effect of the bike.  Trust me, it was quite festive.

  I neglected to get their names (sometimes I forget to ask the most basic questions) I hope they found Riverview Park, had a wonderful visit, and the birthday girl had a marvelous special day!

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Lindsay said...

Oh bummer to climb the hill and be in the wrong place! I am sure they had fun coming down though.