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Friday, June 25, 2010

Boycott BP?

  People seem to be upset, as they should be, about the oil spill in the Gulf.  That is a disastor of immense magnitude.  But I have to admit, I am not getting this reaction of supporting a boycott of BP. What is that?  How is going to another dealer for our oil addiction going to help anything?  All the oil companies have their hands dirty with environmental sins.   Making other oil companies more profitable at the expense of BP does nothing except making the high risk oil drilling more appealing to those who stand to grandly benefit from it.

   Where are the calls for lowering oil consumption? BP is the face right now of our oil bloated selves.  Calling for a boycott but with no reduction of consumption is like trying to starve the face while feeding the body.  How is this oil suppose to get to us?  Some magical IV that delivers oil to our systems while by passing the producers of oil?  Get real.  We and BP and the rest of the oil companies are in this together.  If we want oil companies to change their ways, we must change our ways.  If we are upset with the profits oil companies are making and the risks they are taking in making those profits, the solution is pretty straight forward-go on an oil diet.  Not a crash diet with little long lasting affect, like we did in the 70's during the oil shortage. But real lifestyle changes, the kind that have long lasting affects.

   If we all put the effort of reducing our oil use just 10%, that would start changing things.  We can drive 10% less.  Buy 10% less producsts that use petroleum.  Reduce the use of plastics.  Just 10%. That will send a message to BP, the other oil companies, Washington and whoever else.  We need everyone on board to get the oil companies more responsible, to get Washington more supportive about helping us find alternatives, and to produce real change in our habits.

   Forget boycotting BP.  Just using a little less does a lot more. So go out there and get on a bike, for goodness sakes!

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