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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tour De Brews

Cortney on Tour De Brews
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We finished out National Bike Month with a Brews Cruise, and wow, what a month! I am still behind on my blogging about all the events. This event, the Brews Cruise was a repeat of the Tour De Brews in March. In the future. If I was to point to one event that seemed to kick off the critical mass coming together to form some sort of Chattanooga scene of urban riding,the Tour De Bruews in March was it. We might not be rivaling the Harley culture in this town but I think we are taking shape.

The first cruise was the idea of Cortney (can we survive when she goes away?) and Rebecca Shearer (fellow fashion model!). We met as a group in Coolidge Park, rode our bikes to Moccasin Bend Brewery which is in St. Elmo, not at Moccasin Bend, in spite of the name. Had a great time, testing the beers, taking the tour of the brewery then riding back to Greenlife for dinner.

It is hard to say how many people joined us, with the coming and going, but it was over 30 riders at least. "When is the next one going to be?" was being asked by the riders, but especially by those that missed it. Everyone wanted to join in the fun

2010 04 10 Blackberry 019

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