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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

..and then the Brews Cruise

Jim at Brews Cruise
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The Brews Cruise was set for the last Friday of the month. Uh,Oh, Conflict. First night of Nightfall. Both great events to ride the bike to. No problem, we would just stop at Night Fall for our first beer of the evening (I am writing this as though I drink beer, but alas, for these events, I don't.)

It had been raining on and off all day and was still trying to continue the wet all evening. But eventually, the weather gave it a rest so the bikers that braved it was grandly rewarded. It had been decided that eating first would be best so we met at River Street Deli, that opened just for us to come in.

Andy trying to blend in with the Harleys

Cortney, Q and me  at the Brewery
Then on to Night Fall. Night Fall is always good    for hearing good music and seeing people that you haven't seen all winter.After mingling in the social scene there, we hopped on our bike to ride to St. Elmo. Chris Hunt of Moccasin Bend had brewed a special beer for us- Pedal Power Porter. All proceeds from that beer would be donated to the Pedal Power Program, a program helping homeless people get bikes. I truly, truly, wanted to be a beer drinker to support that. While the Porter is a little stout for me to develop a taste for beer, I am holding out the notion that maybe the chocolate beer will.
This night the brewery had a band Strung Like A Horse. With a name like that, they better be good, and they were. They were a bluegrass, folk and variety other genre band that had us  dancing and kicking  up our heels. More people on bikes met us there plus the people that came sans bike. It was a rollicking party night.

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