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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Riverbend Parking

  For the last few years, there has been bike valet parking at Riverbend.  I volunteered on Saturday but I did go by and visit on Friday.  Since going by the parking site is on my way home, I guess I will be going by it every night of Riverbend, unless I am actually doing more volunteering at it.

Sydney, Chase and Jennifer are waiting for the bikes.  It is still early, so only a few bikes have come, but they will be coming.  Saturday we were filled to capacity with almost 125 bikes coming in to be parked.

The bikes are coming!

Sunset over the aquarium

Q taking in bikes
The littlest biker (don't worry, he does have a helmet)

   It was good seeing all the people riding their bikes to the festival.  Why wouldn't they?  They got the best parking of all and the use of a clean port-a-potty without a line.  Riding the bike is truly the easiest way of getting in and out of Riverbend-except for fireworks night.  That night the Walnut Street Bridge will be closed, so I don't even plan on coming to the south side of the river.  But until then,  I will be coming around.  Maybe I will actually go into Riverbend.

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