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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ride to St. Elmo

     It was a beautiful day and closing in Easter weekend, cancellations were coming in fast. Suddenly I had an afternoon free. What to do? Hop on the bike of course.

    So out to St Elmo I go to check out the Collective Clothing, a fellow sponsor of the Collective Commute, Chic Cycling in Chattanooga Show. Got me a new outfit and Cameron was on hand to photograph it. Wow! I am on his The Chattanoogan fashion blog.  I am not sure I truly make it to his fashion standard, but it is to put out another notice about the Bike Fashion Show.

    And now I am enjoying an iced latte at Pasha Coffee shop.

    The ride out here is an official bike route which turns into actual bike lanes in St. Elmo. On the route the bikes are taken over railroad tracks. It is hard to go anywhere in Chattanooga without going over tracks. Just getting to St. Elmo from my studio I crossed railroad tracks about a half dozen times.

    The most treacherous ones were always the one on the street that runs parallel to South Broad. These were wicked, wicked and I have been severely jarred and almost thrown many times over those tracks.

But look! They have been fixed and all set for smooth sailing. Ahh! It takes a cyclist to fully appreciate what wonders that smooth asphalt can render.

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