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Friday, April 9, 2010

What a Stubborn Man

Q is a stubborn man.  He wanted to start Breakfast on the Bridge today.  

Wait till the bridge opens. I told him .

No, he didn't want to wait.  He was tired of waiting for the bridge to open

It is going to be cold tomorrow.  Wait until it warms up, I told him. 

No, he didn't care about the cold. Hot coffee should banish any chill 

 Nobody will find you, you will be by yourself, I told him.  No, he didn't care if no one came by, he wanted to be there, just in case. And I was going to show up, wasn't I?

   So Q started the Breakfast on the Bridge season.

It was cold and lonely.

  Then the sun came out, warmed things up, and people started coming...

And coming...

Q was right after all.  What a stubborn man.  I'm glad he went ahead and had breakfast.

Come on out every Friday morning (except Bike2Work mornings) between 7 and 9 and join this stubborn man for breakfast.  You won't be sorry.


q said...

Thanks for the story, C-bird! I was rivetted to my seat until the end. The pictures helped me to understand the plot, too.

Adrienne Johnson said...

What if the closest bridge to me is the Golden Gate?

Colleen Carboni said...

Adrienne, it would be hard to join us from the Golden Gate. But Q and I were out there riding our bikes across the bridge. It was quite the experience!