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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 Rides 3 Hoods Ride Trial

  This past Sunday was a fun day of riding around town.  A group of us were trying out the 3 Rides 3 Hoods ride for this coming Sunday, May 2.  This ride, with three parts through three different urban neighborhoods, is part of Jane's Walk

  Here are Cortney Mild, our BBB (beautiful Biking Ballerina)  and Jim Johnson of Bike Tours Direct,the planners of this event looking over the route.
Riding the Circle at the Hunter!
No tour of Chattanooga would be complete without a nod to our Civil War history.  Jeremy is inspecting the monument at Orchard Knob
Close up of the monument
It was opening day at the Chattanooga Market.
Jeremy and the Lady J during our lunch break at the Market

The ride goes through North Chattanooga and Downtown,  Southside into Highland Park and Orchard Knob  and then finally into St. Elmo.  I wasn't able to do the trial ride into St. Elmo but I will be doing the official ride next Sunday.  This trial was fun.  There will be speakers at different points on each of the ride to talk about the history of the area.  The pace was easy, the terrain was mostly easy-although going up Orchard Knob might be tough for newbie riders.  But it is short so nobody will be left behind.

    This will be the day after the 3 State 3 Mountain ride.  If that ride was too much for you or looking for a sociable recovery ride, come join us for one ride, two rides or all three rides at the 3 Rides 3 Hoods Ride.  This is a new ride for our ever growing biking scene in Chattanooga.

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cortney said...

thanks for the shout-out Colleen. great to have you photographing the ride. Awww! I didn't know I was a BBB. that warms my heart.