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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunny Days!

  I was recently met a biker as I was going to the library, the second time I met a biker going to the library in as many weeks.  Is there something about biking and the library, or maybe biking and books?  Maybe a claim can be made that biking makes you smarter.  What do you think?

    As I came up to the library I found the bike rack full.  That is always a good sight in my opinion.  All these bikers going to the library!  At the rack I met Sunny locking up his bike. I, as I am getting in the habit of doing, started asking him questions about how he came to be riding his bike to the library. He was very gracious and friendly to me; he could have easily thought I was being very intrusive and rude.  But he was game and even e-mailed me later about his biking adventures of the day.

  A former cyclist, he was just rediscovering his bicycle.  When someone has that experience of rediscovering the bike, it is like rediscovering childhood, long lost freedom or even a new sense of adventure.  Sunny was definitely feeling all these, I think.  He wrote in his e-mail how he rode for hours at a pretty good clip that day.  He found it fun and yes, addicting.  The world needs more of that kind of addiction!

    And he even was invigorated enough to go out dancing that night!  Yes, another confirmation of my belief that biking can make lives a little bit better and along with it, the world!

  Keep riding, Sunny!

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