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Monday, September 14, 2009

Politicking My Way (Trip to Chattanooga Market)

Yesterday I went and watched the movie Food, INC., something that I think everyone should do. It shows very graphically what has been done to our food system and how we choose to eat three times a day is the the most powerful vote we have. I have always believed that along with how we choose to transport ourselves. So this is a picture essay of me on a day of power voting.

So what would that look like? Riding my bike to the Chattanooga Market, of course! It is a highlight of my week, I totally enjoy it, I get amazing food, and knowing this is a very powerful way of making Chattanooga and our world a better place is wonderful icing on it all.

The Chattanooga market is more then just food, it is a feast for the eyes, ears, nose and of course the belly!

Here is the Old Mill Kettle Corn Truck Stage-a feast for the ear, nose and belly all at once!

Flowers were in abundance!

Crafts and art is a major part of the Market!

But let's get down to business with my shopping. how can I resist a farm with the name like the Kinky Turtle, with prize winning organic butternut squash?

Mayfield Farms:
Chili peppers from Sheerlark Farms, another organic farmer.

Nothing says fall more then tart crispy apples (from Rainbow hills farms)

Ready for something to eat? How about some barbecue from Mr. Possum Man here?

My favorite young entrepreneur, Warren of the wonderful Alchemy Spice.
And of course, Paul Smith who is responsible for bringing us the market every week!
After Market, I go to Greenlife for some more power voting, then loaded up, I trudge up the hills to home to cook up all my good eats. Now, this is the way I truly like to do my politicking!


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