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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Breakfast

We are having breakfast at the Blue Plate. In Chattanooga.if the word Blue is in the name, you know it is a good place to eat. We have just finished hearing the story from our wonderful waiter, Ben, of owner Rob Gentry, going to visit the Benton farm where their sausage, ham, and bacon comes from. The old farmer has been raising and smoking his pigs for years on his little farm. I like my food to be personalized and home

grown. There is very little else we do as personal as eating so I like to know who produces my food. And when I go out, I like to eat at places where the owner gets to know the producers for me. You know if they take the time to get to know where their food comes from, they will take the time to fix it well. Thanks, Rob. Always enjoy eating at your place! (And those sliders were Wonderful!)

But as I sit here on the patio I am looking out on the extreme other end of the eating experience I just described. Our beautiful Ross's Landing is the sight for the Krystal's Square Off. Something about these eating contests really disturbs me. Do you think that there is a connection of making a sport of stuffing our face until we puke and fast food?  Something has gone so seriously wrong here. 

But I don't want to dwell on that ugly thought on this beautiful day.  I did get a picture of Zac White, part of the bike stunt men that will be performing at the festivities Now that is cool!

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