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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Biking In Rain

Got to love this rain!  It does interrupt the biking process though.  My rain gauge showed it rained 6.5 inches in a 24 span from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning.  I called Q to come pick me up that day.  And it continued to rain. On Thursday  I drove.  And it continued to rain.  And it still continues today.  No choice-got to learn to love it or continue to be kicked off the bike.

   And guess waht?  With a mind change, it IS fun to ride in the rain.  I totally get so much into the absolute here and now that I forget where I am going.  Today on the one and a half mile journey from Neidlove's Bread to my studio, I missed three turns.  I was just enjoying the warm rain, the sound of the splash of the tires thru puddles and how the look of wet changes the look of everything.  Whoops!  Where am I?  I should have turned three blocks back!

   My journeys in the rain always end up longer then when it isn't raining.  How does that happen?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Guess if Fred can sing in it... you can bike in it.