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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning

Often on Saturday mornings, Q and I go to BlueGrass Grill for breakfast. It seems to be the happening place. This is a family affair, the Rev. Jonas Worsham and his wife, Joan Marie with their children are there everyday (closed Sundays and Mondays) serving up the most wonderful breakfasts. Everything on their menu is good. I have tried them all and am now on a daily quiche run. But I always get one of their whole wheat biscuits. They are unique in Chattanooga and are the absolute best!

     This family run restaurant with a family style atmosphere is the only place in Chattanooga that gives you an option of sharing tables. It is a good idea or otherwise the line can go out the door. This is a popular and small place. Sharing tables is one way of getting everybody in at a faster pace.

     Q and I always opt to share tables. We started out as a way to help out Joan Marie and the gang with the crowd flow. But we have found it to be a great way of meeting interesting people. Interesting enough, most of these people are from out of town. How do these people find this place?

     We have met a homeschooling family from Indiana  whose business was translating bibles into Braille (the father was blind), a young couple from Atlanta who worked on an urban farm. Another young couple who ran a small business converting pictures into digital format (and I have to do that!)

     This morning we had breakfast with Christie Burns, Chattanooga’s Dulcimer Girl and her visiting friend from Bowling Green, KY, Tonya. Christie is a professional dulcimer play (yes, that is how she makes her living. Actually, Chattanooga has several professional dulcimer players. What does that say about us?) and Tonya is a building conservationist, which gave Q lots to talk to her about.

    An enjoyable breakfast all around. If you are in the Bluegrass Grill at a busy time, I would definitely recommend doing a table share.

    After breakfast, Q and I rode around Main Street to check out the progress of all the new developments and then cruised over to my studio. Riding this route between my studio and Main Street has enabled me to get friendly with the neighborhood residents. Here is Q talking with Quawe in front of the Islamic Center. Ride a bike to get to really know your world!

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