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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yelled At-By a Cop!

  I was riding to my weekly Pilates lesson out towards Lee Highway ( have writtean about this bike route here) and I was emerging from the Wilcox Blvd. Tunnel, I heard a "Get off the Road!"  A familiar enough, sad to say, yell.  But I looked over to the oncoming traffic lane to see who was yelling and discovered it was a police officer in his official police car.

  I am used to being yelled at but I was taken aback that a cop would do the yelling.  We have cops on bicycles, for goodness sakes!  But this was a little out of the city center and I was coming out of the Wilcox Tunnel.  As I have said before,  cyclists are a rare sight out there and the environment is not extremely bike friendly, but that is no excuse for the officer to yell at me.  I was totally within the law.
   It is disappointing, when trying to advance  the acceptance of bikes, a city official acts in such a way.  I didn't get a chance to identify who he was, otherwise I would make a complaint.  Who knows if the other drivers  around heard him.  How many will be taking their cues from hearing that cop yelling at me to get off the road?

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