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Monday, July 26, 2010

More Bike Racks

Speaking of Bike Racks, Russ of the Path Less Pedaled captured Q as he was installing the bike racks at Stone Cup.  Stone Cup, which attracts many cyclists was in dire need and Q had been working with David, the owner, about getting new racks. 

  I love this picture of Q.  Russ, with a true photographer eye, caught the essence of Q, the bike rack man!

  And these are the bike racks installed.  I am loving these artistic racks!

Thanks, Q!

1 comment:

q said...

Hey, it's me in blog world again! Thanks, C-bird. These racks are from Dero. David (owner of Stone Cup) likes them alot, and they work great. I hope he finds that the addition of these bike racks help his business.