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Friday, August 20, 2010

Breakfast on the Bridge Friday

It was a beautiful day for Breakfast on the Bridge today.  The air had a hint of chill to it.  How long has it been since that has happened?  Is our long hot summer drawing to a close?  The beautiful weather brought out  lots of bikes and people to enjoy the walking bridge and breakfast.

   The view was exceptional this morning.  The reflection of the Market Street Bridge  was clear and sharp upon the smooth as glass  river .
     And there was an interesting cloud formation over Lookout Mountain. Keith, a breakfast attendee, identified it as a lenticular cloud formation.  Lenticular clouds are called that because they are shaped like a lens.  It is theorized that many UFOs  sightings are actually lenticular cloud formations. 

What a treat to be in a spot to take notice of such things.  Thanks, Keith, for pointing me into the direction of more information.


FredHeads said...
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Call Me Keith said...

Thank you for emailing the cloud pics to me. I always enjoy the Friday coffee crew.