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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving Lisa by Bike

  When Q heard that Lisa needed to move to a new apartment, he was immediately inspired to offer to move her by bike.  But who could blame her for being dubious?  Q convinced her he could pull it off, but then he had to convince others to join his moving crew.  It was, as our Lady Jane friend called, a hard sell.  But I have written before how stubborn Q can be and eventually he had rounded up a crew of 5 movers, strong riders all with trailers.  These movers found that saying no to Q wasn't an option!

  So early Saturday morning, in the fruitless effort to avoid the heat, they gathered and  moved.  This was the ideal bike move-the distance between the two places was only about a mile and a half, there didn't seem to be any hills (but of course on a heavily loaded bicycle, the hills appeared!) and while there were big items, the over all amount was modest.  It took five movers three trips to do it all.

  Watch the slideshow to see the fun!

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