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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fence Jumping (on the Bridge)

I am missing the Walnut Street bridge! I can't wait for it to reopen. But for how much I miss it, I think Q is missing it even more. He has been insisting it will be finished a month early. He has declared he will be riding his bike across it on April 8th.

    We were talking about this as we were going by the bridge the other night as I was pushing my bike to walk with Q who had walked to dinner. I challenged him on his prediction-who has heard of a construction project finishing early? Q couldn't let this go unchallenged-he had  to check for himself how it was going to confirm his prediction.

Before I could stop him he jumped up on the wall,climbed over the fence and disappeared down the bridge. I was left there holding my bike and checking to see if any law enforcement was around.  Those Park Rangers can be pretty territorial about the bridge.

Q walking the newly boarded Bridge

   He seemed to be gone for a long time and I got tired of waiting so I followed him in. So there we were, under the cover of the dark, checking out the progress, hoping we wouldn't get caught. After checking it out, Q declared it will be done in two weeks. Was that based on his construction expertise or just wishful thinking?

    We climbed over the fence and wall to get out.  Safe! We didn't get caught but I was imagining the whole time how I would explain this to my kids if they had to come bail me out!
Caught in the act (notice safety precaution-don't jump fneces without helmet!)

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