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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Athens Cool

  On my trip to Athens, Ga to visit my brother I was able to connect with Laura Margaret and have invite her to have breakfast with my brother at Big City Bread Cafe. I call Laura Margaret my third daughter-she was a neighbor and my youngest daughter's best friend growing up. She went to school and is currently still living in Athens and I couldn't pass up a chance to see her.

    I texted her to ask her to breakfast and she replied with a yes!!! three exclamation points. Laura is nothing if not enthusiastic. I always loved that about her. When my own children were reluctant about doing something I was suggesting, I always knew if I asked Laura she would eagerly accept and with that enthusiasm sway my own children. She was my secret weapon in getting my kids to go along with my ideas for many years.

    So how did this spirit daughter of mine show up for breakfast? On a bike, no else. And looking so cool doing it, I had to take her picture. The yellow purse just made the look!

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