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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Calling All Women (Biker or Not)

Women recently have been called an "indicator species" for the biking scene.  Many less then ideal circumstances tend to keep women off the bike at a higher rate then it keeps men.  When there is a healthy biking environment women ride at the same rate as men.  The Netherlands have equal men and women ridership.  The United States have twice as many men as women.  Obviously the health of our biking environment is not very robust.

   Wht can we do about that?  The first thing is to identify the the things that keep women off bikes.  The Association of Pedestrian and Biking Professional is doing that and you can help. If you are a woman, take 15 minutes to fill out this Bike Survey.  This is an opportunity to tell your story-whether it is one of biking  or not biking. You might also be interested in signing up for their free webinar Writing Women Back Into Biking.

Getting more women on bikes isn't just about getting more women on bikes.  Filling women's needs so they will get on bikes will filter out to getting more men and more children on bikes.

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