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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bike Fashion?

     I went to a great meeting this morning at Outdoor Chattanooga to plan a biking fashion show. If you don't think that biking and fashion mix try out this sight-Copenhagen Cycling Chics.  Sondra Arden of Collective Clothing and Cameron at The Chattanoogan wanted to put something interesting together for the reopening of the Bridge and are partnering with Outdoor Chattanooga  And as it stand now, it looks as though Pilates Chattanooga is going to be a sponsor!

   Be looking for more details-this should be an absolutely fun event.  Chattanooga definitely has a biking community-it was in evidence last night attending the Trek Store open house.  It was a packed house! But most bikers in Chatt-town are road or mountain bikers.  That makes sense-the outdoors beauty of this area just draws people to such activities.  That's how I started biking. And it just keeps growing.

  Bike Commuting has grown also, but the commuting culture has yet to develop very strongly. We are still a small group of individuals.  And because commuting is such an individual thing, it probably always be so.  But this event can go along ways to putting a face (and style) to the commuter.  What fun!

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