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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving Video

  Immediately after the wedding, my time was taken up with the ProBike ProWalk Convention.  This happened right here in Chattanooga and I got the feeling that many people were positively surprised by our city.  In fact many had said so.  Coming from places like Portland, Oregon, it was hard to imagine a small southern city would have anything of note going on in the biking/walking arena.

   At one of the sessions, given my our own Phil Pugiliese, this video was shown as a light hearted closer.  I put this movie together in a very quick mode.  I shot this of the bike move with the video recorder on my new phone.  To say I am not an experienced movie maker is an understatement and then putting it together was a true learning experience.  So excuse any rough spots.  With little skill or time, this is what I put together.
  So here it is-  THE BIKE MOVE, THE MOVIE


q said...

GREAT MOVIE! An instant classic! Thank you for producing this timeless classic.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Portland, OR, but Chattanooga sure impressed me, and I've been telling everyone about it since PWPB :)

Colleen Carboni said...

Glad you had a good time. I grew up in Chattanooga and when I was young always wanted to move to one of the really cool places that I would visit. But then I realized that Chattanooga became one of those cool places. I still have difficulty with that thought. But it has been fun watching and helping Chattanooga get to this point.

Hope you come back!