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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Icy Summer (Snow II)

 Its been a month since my last post. Holidays, being under the weather and life in general has kept me away. So here it is a month after the snow of December post and I am posting about snow again.

The fact that we had snow just once month apart is unusual. And what is most unusual about this month's snow is it is staying around. In December, while we got more snow, it was completely gone by noon of that day. This snow, because of our string of exceedingly cold days, what little we had has stayed around. And turned icy.

Yes, I am still biking in this cold and ice. I will post later my experiences of riding in this frigid cold, Riding Friday into work was not difficult once I got out onto the main roads but traveling my neighbor roads was a little treacherous. While going down hills I made sure I didn't make any sudden moves. Going up Summer was quite a trip though. I was making my way up when suddenly I lost traction. I had hit the ice.Jumping off the bike befoe completely loosing it, I then had the challenge of standing upright .  I took a deep breath and looked up Summer, which  is a very steep hill. This is what I saw-

Just one giant sheet of ice. Up hill. Ugh! I slowly made my way up, at times loosing ground and sliding back. I could see from the car tracks that I was not the only one having trouble. People of the south really don't know how to deal with this. Snow tires for my bike?


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Devonei said...

I bet one of those tire tracks belongs to Erin.

Colleen Carboni said...

Nope, Erin goes the other way. I am sure she rarely turns left onto Summer.