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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Closing of the Bridge

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that many of my posts mention the Walnut Street Bridge. Going to town and back, this Bridge is part of my regular commute and one of the things that make riding to work so pleasant. I have never ridden it without getting a sense of being gifted that this is part of my route. The view, the people, the events, everything, makes the ride always different and always enjoyable.

In December the bridge has been closed for repairs and will remain closed until May. Though the repairs need to be done and in the process the wooden part of the bridge will be extended to make it more appealing, it is TOUGH not having access to it.

I have the choice of going to the left,over the Veterans Bridge or to the right over the Market Street Bridge. The Veterans Bridge have on and off ramps and the speed of the cars is faster. But there are wide shoulders. The Market Street Bridge has been newly redone and it is beautiful in its own right. The lanes are narrow and in riding the bike it is necessary to take the lane completely. Early morning motorists don't appreciate that.

Which bridge to take? While I enjoy the Market Street Bridge more, Veterans is faster and closer to where I need to go. So I have been taking that.

Except I keep forgetting to make the left turn that will get me to the bridge. Many mornings I am approaching the Walnut Street Bridge before I remember, in which case I proceed to the Market Street Bridge. Adds to my ride. Which I don't mind-unless it makes me late...which it often does...make a note-remember to make that left turn or leave the house earlier!

All three Bridges

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