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Friday, April 11, 2008

Parking at the Tivoli

Last night I went to the Alvin Ailey Dance Performance at the Tivoli. Wow! What a show! This is a dance performance for anyone, no need to be a dance lover to appreciate the athleticism and talent.
As I pulled up on my bike to the Tivoli before the show, I found the only acceptable pole to lock a bike up to already taken by two bicycles. It always gives me great cheer to see other people using their bikes even for a night out at the Tivoli. But it did present a problem about my bike. Parking meters don't count as bike lock ups and there were no other acceptable locking places in sight.
So I did what seemed to be the only choice-I brought my bike in to the entrance of the Tivoli. I found if you just act as though you have every right to what you are doing nobody questions you. Recently I parked my bike at my bank inside the doorway. I do this every time I go to the bank, but this time the security guard came to tell me to take it out. I just looked at him and said "I was told I could park here." He immediately backed off. (I had actually been told I could bring my bike into the lobby during a discussion of whether I could use the drive thru, but that is a different story).
If a bike rack is provided, I generally will use that. I recognize that if there comes to be the number of cyclists as I hope in the future, we all cannot park right in the doorway. So getting in the habit of bike racks seems like a reasonable thing to do.
But the number of bike racks,while growing, are still few and far between. I will look for a good pole but sometimes, none are available. So my bike has been spotted inside different public buildings-like the Tivoli and the Trade and Convention Center and a nearby drug store and other places. Some businesses in town even invite me to bring my bike in.
When the performance was over my bike was waiting for me right at the doorway and I was able to get far down the road long before most people could get to their cars. Ah, the convenience of riding the bike!

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