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Sunday, April 13, 2008

High Heeled Cycling!

Cake Lady of the Deliman and Cake Lady is turning 50! To celebrate a party benefiting the Chattanooga Humane Society was thrown. It wasn't a dressy affair but sometimes a girl likes to dress up and PARTY!
As the ones who have seen me riding around can verify, I am not usually any kind of fashion standard bearer. When the first priority is to keep warm, I probably could get top award for shlubiness. And I go places like that! I would say its to the great embarrassment of my children, but they have long ago given up being embarrassed by me. It was turning into a full time job so they had to give it up.
But when spring comes and a party event is scheduled, it makes me feel like kicking up my heels a little. I keep just a pair of shoes for such occasions, red ankle boots with pointy toes and higher heels then anybody who cares about their feet should wear!. I don't bring them out very often but when the mood strikes they are there.
My kids were at the party and they didn't bat an eye at the idea of me riding in heels. Other people did wonder though.
So, how does it feel to ride a bicycle in spiky high heels? A lot better then actually walking in them!

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