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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spot of Sunshine on a Rainy Day

It is being one of those days. Of course it is raining again. I'm used to drought weather , I guess, because whenever it starts raining lately my first thought-didn't we just have rain last week? As though we are only suppose to get rain once a season.

But rain weather has its own joys; like the zebra boots I wrote about recently. So riding in the rain is no problem. At one time it would have sent me scurrying to my car but now I don't even stop to consciously make a choice.

It is only after I get to work that things start going remiss. I didn't have my keys! Now I am really standing in the rain trying to figure this out.

Q did pick me up from work last night. I have systems fo everything to keep me straight but if my system gets disrupted I'm lost. Figuring I had left my keys in his car and hoping to catch him before he left town for three days I frantically tried to call him. No such luck. No answer. He was probably already at the airport.

I next went next door to my landlord. He should have a key. He didn't at least not there on him. Hmmm, what landlord doesn't have keys?

Next plan-go home and get another set. I probably could have asked Shaw of Aunt Sue's Pet Bakery to borrow his truck; he is always the go-to-neighbor for our little block of businesses for almost any problem. He would have generously let me take his truck.

But I had already sent  Carol, my student coming for her session home. She was so kind and gracious about it. I am truly surrounded by wonderful and kind people in my life. It does smoothe out the bumps and jagged edges of life.  My next session had cancelled and I was already in the rain and had plenty of time to ride home for my spare set of keys

So I did. And it did wonders for making my messed up morning better.  My joy of the ride home? Seeing Jill. She looked like pure sunshine on this sunshine devoid day. Jill is a make up master at Elea Blake on Frazier Avenue. I know because she does wonders for me and I even can replicate at times what she does. She is on her way to get coffee and I was lucky enough to see her.

Makes forgetting my keys worth it!

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